CAPSNAC Conference 2017 - Makerere University

Track 2: Ecosystem Sustainability and Natural Resource Management

Registeration and Abstract Submission

Ecosystems and natural resources play a vital role in offering cost-effective solutions with multiple benefits for biodiversity, health and wellbeing. Well-managed and healthy ecosystems can provide flood and erosion protection, urban cooling and clean air and water, as well as storing carbon and thus helping to reduce climate change impacts. Ecosystems also provide cultural services including aesthetic value and places for recreation.

Some of these issues have a cross-border dimension and across the sub-Saharan region, borders typically experience a myriad of physical, socio-economic, environmental and development challenges. A better understanding and assessment of ecosystems and natural resources including water resources is required. We also suggest that more attention should be paid to activities and dynamics across borders.  In this track, we want to share results, thoughts and insights related, but not limited, to the following issues:

  1. Eco-hydrology and watershed management;
  2. Water storage and flood mitigation potential of major ecosystems;
  3. Water for production;
  4. Issues and technologies in wastewater treatment, water supply and water governance;
  5. Geo-spatial technologies, ecosystems and water management;
  6. Land-use transformations in different geographical contexts;
  7. Policy approaches influencing land use transformations;
  8. Land use change and implications for food security and ecosystems resilience;
  9. Peculiarities of borderlands - rights of marginal borderland groups and communities, environmental concerns,  human health; conflict dynamics;
  10. Grievances and resiliencies across borderlands;
  11. New border alignments and communities;
  12. Flows and cross-border linkages (flows).