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A significant proportion of people tropical regions particularly in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) are heavily ecosystem dependent. Equally, the development strategies of the regional economies are premised on harnessing ecosystem and environmental resources to sustain economic growth and increasing food, fibre and energy demands for the populations. Whilst the national economies show rapid growth, there is increasing concern on declining ecosystems and natural resources there in, and agricultural productivity due to the rapidly increasing population. Most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, are largely focused on reducing risk and building resilience of the ever increasing world population. There is substantial evidence that current compendium and persitent problems of health, pverty and other related issues are exemplified by (a) climate change and variability, (b) stagnant and declining agricultural productivity (c) soil degradation (d) land use/cover transformations (e) natural resources management challenges, (f) disease outbreaks and (g) rapid urbanization.

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